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SMS carpet cleaning Milton Keynes has specialized in domestic and commercial carpet Cleaning and upholstery cleaning in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas for over 18 years. We only use the best methods and equipment. To get the best possible results every time guaranteed. We offer a 100% guarantee on all our carpet and upholstery cleaning services.

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  • Carpets dry within 1 hour
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Truck-mount Steam carpet and upholstery cleaning system.

Truck mount steam carpet cleaning Milton Keynes

SMS carpet cleaning Milton Keynes uses a powerful truck mount steam carpet cleaning system,  which is recognized throughout the industry as the most thorough and powerful carpet cleaning system there is. Ten times more powerful than electric portable machines.

The truck mount Carpet cleaning system our carpet cleaners use produces 10 times more heat. Produces 10 times more pressure. At the same time giving 10 times more suction. which means 10 times cleaner and 10 times drier. Carpets are dry in under 1 hour.

Our system allows our carpet cleaners to clean deep into the bottom of the carpet fibers. Removing dirt and other pollutants from deep in the pile. Without the need to use strong chemicals. High ph chemicals if not rinsed out of the fibers can attract dirt and carpets quickly become dirty again. We use a small amount of low ph pre-spray that breaks down the dirt. We then rinse all the pre-spray and along with the dirt and other pollutants from the carpet with high-pressure steam and water.

Our system can produce high-pressure steam and water. Our carpet cleaning systems use more than 10 times the water to clean and rinse the carpets than an electric portable system. That most carpet cleaners use. The high temperature ensures your carpets are clean, sanitized and free from any pollutants, reducing any allergy problems and leaving your home healthy and safe for you and your family.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Services

Our carpet cleaning system leaves your carpets dry within one hour. This is very important as if carpets are left wet or damp for too long, they can start to grow bacteria and start to smell. We also use other dry cleaning methods. Including the host system is a dry compound cleaning system. Which we use for commercial contracts and maintenance plans, as well as the Texatherm system which is a semi-dry cleaning system that leaves carpet tiles dry in 15 minutes.


Upholstery Cleaning Services

SMS Carpet and upholstery cleaning services have been cleaning upholstery for more than 18 years. We have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience in cleaning all types of delicate upholstery. Our upholstery cleaning equipment and methods allow us to deep clean delicate upholstery without the need for strong chemicals. Our upholstery cleaning system also leaves most upholstery dry in one hour.

Commercial carpet cleaning

Commercial carpet cleaning Milton Keynes

Our commercial carpet cleaning teams are trained in many methods of commercial carpet cleaning. We use our steam cleaning method for deep restoration cleaning. We also use HOST dry compound cleaning and the texatherm system for commercial carpet cleaning and maintenance plans.

We design carpet cleaning and maintenance plans for commercial properties to keep their carpets looking good throughout the year, as well as saving money on replacing carpet tiles.

Professional stain removal

Professional stain removal
All our carpet cleaners are professionally trained in all stain removal techniques. We are confident if we can’t remove the stain then no one can. If they do, we will give you your money back. All carpet cleaners and upholstery cleaners are fully trained in removing stains.

When we come to clean your carpets. Stains will be treated before we start the cleaned If a stain is still there we will then try and identify what type of stain it is and the retreat it with the appropriate treatment before re-cleaning the stain. If you have a stain and would like to try and remove it yourself, give us a call and we will be happy to give you tips and advice.

Professional carpet cleaning services

Stain protection treatment.

We also offer a stain protection treatment for your carpets and upholstery. That protects the carpet and upholstery fibers from any stains. Making it easy for you to mop up any spillage without leaving a stain and helps us to easily remove any dried in stains.

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